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Let the thoughts in the fingertips

Posted on February 7 2014

Love in the time in the evening twilight, silently into the boundless wilderness, Western that one the most beautiful pink is the masterpiece of nature! Like the village over the floating of the wisps of smoke, as the sun climbed to the treetop, render a beautiful painting in light and shade change unpredictably! Remember, those who never come back in the day, miss those simple memory.USB DAC Of Kidult Online
Flower, lotus in June in unaccompanied night blooming quietly, float out the bones of the light scent in the heart of the ocean. In charge of guarding the shore, a wisp of lotus quietly dream pillow! Silence time, a review of the moment, the dream will not wake up, when the past is playing into a touching song, the memory is still clear heart!
My words in the quiet midnight fragrance, a person, a lamp, a cup of tea, a song, a dust laden years. Like in the ride for a cool, like their own cultivation in the natural realm, the most beautiful mood to recover one's original simplicity is the life pursuit. Dilute the nature that the objective existence of the collision and friction, weaken the viewpoint and mentality of worldly. The guardian has kept the goodness and beauty of life philosophy, silently the bad mood buried compass college!
This life, put heart into everything, get smart thinking such as water flowing in the pure state of mind. Pay no attention to the fame and fortune, not pay attention to tattle and prate, not paying attention to all the secular right and wrong. Text, music for a soothing melody, each track carefully recorded through life, dream, is a miracle.
Light language time, smile to say goodbye to the past. Forget not to escape, but in the wind in the torrent of life in the face of various mutations. Meet all things are doomed fate, we have no reason to ignore the fleeting time. The life short several dozens autumn, everything will be smoke out the fly ash, we have no reason to waste one's time, there is no reason to stop.
Like in the pure art atmosphere idea belongs to the past fairy tale. Like in every now and then note hummed a song writing my own songs. I like writing letters in the quiet of the night, like a detached indifferent attitude, like writing a past in the passing of time, watching the most beautiful lotus, let this smart thinking with the slow music slowly blooming.
Text fragrance, music emotion. Ignore the front, guard a cool outside, Ren expose to wind and rain, I like to walk, sit see pretrial blossom, laugh at the sky yunjuanyunshu.
Don't expect to encounter Emmanuel reproduction, no longer have, for the past entangled to let it go, to see the world and all things dialectically, not who is right and who is wrong, not which is right and which is wrong, learn to take things calmly, learn to understand, learn to thank all hurt people or things that you are a beautiful, generous, magnanimous mind out is the most beautiful flowers.Embroidery history