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Song Mei is to contact the propaganda

Posted on August 26 2013

Song Mei and I met in Heilongjiang in rural areas, in her village and we are separated by thirty or forty miles, but, because of her village not far from the commune on the road, so we went to the Commune will in her village to rest, to drink slobber,embroidery patch sometimes just in time to eat lunch, can also eat a big bowl of rice stubble. More than a dozen youth in that village is uniform girls, are Hangzhou girls high school student, every time we visit, everybody chattering, also do not know who to call what name, each wearing a yellow cotton padded jacket and trousers, so a rare visit to also can't tell who is who.

Know her name is Song Mei, is a commune office to pass by her village, picked up a parcel from Hangzhou to Song Mei on the side of the road. I quickly went to find Song Mei, she took the parcel, erhuamoyue pulling at my clothes go to the commune, post and telecommunications, where, she hurriedly took the parcel off. Take out a bag of dried bamboo shoots and two sausage into my hands. At that moment, I am embarrassed but also excited, but I've lived in the Great Northern Wilderness for two years to get the most extravagant reward. She seriously said: share each other's fortunes, is my dad to Song Mei educated youth.
The year is 1971, after the harvest of wheat, commune held a youth conference. At the meeting I met Song Mei, she tugged on my cape mysterious said: Beijing.

And then hand over your head spar, meaning that Baldy. In our commune educated youth, a father is first Secretary of provincial Party committee and governor of the provincial government, meet the eye everywhere, * * was overthrown and it will be a "capitalist roader". Later that Song Mei's father is a military officer, now also be overthrown. Therefore, the * * dead message to each other in the educated youth, we believe is true. This will set up the educated youth literature and art propaganda team, Song Mei was elected as the vice captain of the propaganda team, at the conference,Song Mei sang opera the red lantern, from the tiger, also sang several songs of the Soviet Union, was received with applause.

The educated youth after the Congress, the commune leadership began to pay attention to the educated youth, many of the educated youth as a production team the cashier, accounting, and when the captain. I became a substitute teacher. Since then, the educated youth interactions more, talk about life ambition, you feel in addition to work, but also more fun and hope.

One day, a busy harvest season, a school holiday, let the children to pick the scattered on the floor of the pod. I stayed at home to cook other educated youth. The educated youth after lunch went to work. I'm in the courtyard corner the cat waist finishing firewood haystack, suddenly, a pair of cold hands gently blindfolded my eyes, and then open slightly raucous giggles. Turn around, see is Song Mei, I like to meet a family, happy almost jumped up, patted also dirty hands, take the initiative to pull off Song Mei's hands tightly together.

Song Mei is to contact the propaganda team performance to the team. From the community to our village, take a cab was gone for more than four hour, I quickly burning hot water let her wash, and busy to her the whole some food. That is to receive guests, or flipping two corn cake and millet porridge boil Wan, cut pickled bumps when diamondback. Song Mei probably hungry, Hula had two bowls of porridge into the belly, and then Dakoutaikou eating corn pancake.

This year spring, the local coal mines and steelworks have come from the following. Our village has two male youth is transferred, the rest of the guys in the next opportunity. Originally, Qitaihe coal mine workers, the production team is recommended me to go, but the mine cadres said that my family has a problem, put me down. I also didn't care, anyway, substitute temporarily in the primary school is not too tired. However, the team of girls could wonder, because listening brigade secretary said, the Great Northern Wilderness has always been men women are few, which can easily put a water Lingling delicate young girl send out, say, even though there are several suitable for female jobs, not to the commune, the production team, early in the the city is the back door. That day, www.networkmanufacturer.com/doc/embroidery-patch.docSong Mei and I talked about something in the future, heart is not practical. She told me, a girl from her school made a daughter-in-law to captain silly son, but after six months of pregnancy is suddenly cut wrist Dutch act died. This left a shadow, in the majority of female educated youth heart. Song Mei said, or you boys better this way, do not provoke. I make fun of to say, we Hangzhou people in their circles to find the object. Song Mei is very careful replied, looking for very similar learning, each other can talk to god. How much can also smell a bit of West Lake water.