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  • Some love, need to give up

    31 October 2013 ( #become a kind )

    Can not love people must leave, otherwise it will become a kind of injury. -- " Sitting in the morning sunshine, as if thinking of sth.. The sky in the distance, a pretty clouds, quiet arrangement. The blue color, white clouds. Gone with the wind to the...

  • Star people

    26 March 2014

    With the close down, such as after burning ashes were spread God, depressed, dense, dark, difficult breathing, thinking. The forgotten children run up in the dark night. As Epiphyllum open at midnight, rich aroma, is as if to touch, touch of color. The...

  • Toast drunk just off

    08 November 2013 ( #lingering much )

    Flowers bloom and a few heavy. A pot of wine with hot tears, how many lingering much love, across the eye is a piece of cloud. Toast drunk just off. Misty smoke, a few degrees, Zhan a cup of Acacia affection, drunk under the solitary ghost. Zuiwo the...

  • The next station, hope? Get lost?

    13 January 2014

    Again when the incense, is in a very crowded temples, such as the years before, I devout kneeling in smoke filled the hall, the house sunshine over everything, my tearful looked at in the world on the Lord Buddha, at that moment, I think people are ultimately...

  • Song Mei is to contact the propaganda

    26 August 2013

    Song Mei and I met in Heilongjiang in rural areas, in her village and we are separated by thirty or forty miles, but, because of her village not far from the commune on the road, so we went to the Commune will in her village to rest, to drink slobber,embroidery...

  • using the complicated formulae

    25 September 2013

    The work of these professionals must do with the usage of parts like beams, joists rafters, etc. These are buildings that have to hold weights and stand in positions the place their foundations must be intact; hence there is want for a cautious planning...

  • Let the thoughts in the fingertips

    07 February 2014

    Love in the time in the evening twilight, silently into the boundless wilderness, Western that one the most beautiful pink is the masterpiece of nature! Like the village over the floating of the wisps of smoke, as the sun climbed to the treetop, render...

  • The weather is cold today, suddenly feel sick

    04 December 2014

    I remember when I was in University, the middle of the night to read "seven hair", their seemingly feeling wrote in the diary: every time a little cold headache, just read the seven rounds will be good. Suddenly thought of "nine thinking" "seven" "Shendu"...

  • The History of Concession Food

    21 December 2016

    Part of the enjoyment of going to a ballgame or fair is getting to indulge in concession food. Gooey, cheesy, meaty, sickeningly sweet concession food. These are the foods you know aren’t good for you, but they’re just too good to pass up. And since you...

  • some frames also have acid-free

    16 July 2013