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The weather is cold today, suddenly feel sick

Posted on December 4 2014

I remember when I was in University, the middle of the night to read "seven hair", their seemingly feeling wrote in the diary: every time a little cold headache, just read the seven rounds will be good. Suddenly thought of "nine thinking" "seven" "Shendu" is "heart", from their own, the more and more far, then head hurt more. Shijiazhuang's winter comes too early, the rain made me feel just the autumn. Shijiazhuang's autumn leave too early, the rain suddenly Piaoqi the snow, cold world. The autumn diarrhea is not wandering upon, and not see the opening of a dense fog. The rain falls the old city free to go, when to bloom scholasticism выставка туризм Гонконг. Out of this world to pour wine still, before the body marking thing only then cry. Not sigh the life injury Danshi, element Year bright and beautiful when CO expressing. -- October 17, 2011 See the classmates when, with her about the past, I think of this poem was written, and now it feels like. Should be this time. Come back to see the date found exactly one month later. It seems your feeling than this season always late a lot. See lotus elder sister holding her baby daughter photos, she said, today is Thanksgiving day. At a time when many years ago did not know suddenly think of me, mum just hugged me a moment can't put it down. Then the accident found that today is Thanksgiving Day, the first time for Thanksgiving memory is the third year class teacher and Chinese teacher to see our afternoon self-study, I was sitting in the front row nuskin, see she bent over the desk, in the notebook wrote: "today is Thanksgiving Day, I suddenly thought, I should be thankful when finished, which" this sentence, I saw her pen was paused. The thought of meeting her to know, everything seems to have a general arrangements, and think of me in an afternoon copied Haizi "facing the sea, with spring" to her, and she was surprised to tell me, Wei Xuan, you know? Today I just in the office print this first poem, prepared to give you." This day, I want to thank her, hope the distant place, she can perceive. There are many people in life, meet when we meet, together, they will have all the coincidence, the tacit understanding to give each other a surprise. Once the fate after the end, separation, some people just want to say hello, want to see a side is not easy. When the weekend came outled light, in a store inside saw a little Zhu Wenzhu, I suddenly remembered her at a very young age, primary school held the activity, the teacher let us go to school from home with them, I took it is science, mother worried that I took a flowerpot laborious, give me a ride to school, mother riding on both sides of the green vegetation, a little backwards, I hold the asparagus to sit behind, moist air blows on the face, feel this is the happiest thing in the world.